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Kibo foundation

We develop applications for accessibility and we promote the entrepreneurial culture

That is our goal.

In 2010 we started our commitment with the accessibility, developing applications to enhance the communication of people with autism or speech disorder. It was this close relationship that motivated us to create the Kibo Foundation.

We actively participate in the promotion of the entrepreneurial culture and the dissemination of technological innovation by giving seminars and lectures at universities and vocational training centers.

Our commitment

The aim of the KIBO Foundation is to develop Apps, software and technological systems that allow an easier life to those who need it. We also promote entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

The Maíz Apps Project

Juan Carlos González promoted the development of Apps for Autism within Kibo. Our direct contact with autistic people has led us to develop applications designed to facilitate the communication between them and their family.
Under the name Maiz Apps we have created several applications like Ablah, "Manos Quietas", "Míranos" and "Pon la Ficha", with which we have won national and european awards in the field of health and wellbeing.
Why Maiz Apps? Because "Maiz" (Corn in english) was the first word that Dario, the son of Juan Carlos, learned to say.

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Maiz apps
Maiz Apps - Ablah


A personal communicator for autistic people or with speech disorder. Currently it has more than 7,000 users worldwide.

Maiz Apps - Manos Quietas

Manos Quietas

A tool that teaches children with attention problems or hyperactivity to remain seated and quiet at the table.

Maiz Apps - Miranos


A platform where parents, teachers and therapists can work together in the special education.

Maiz Apps - Pon la ficha

Pon la ficha

It helps manage the reinforcers during a class. It offers the possibility to use between one twenty-four positions of chips on three different topics.

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